Self defense classes against Trump supporters! You have to see this Chicago gym…

trump gym

How the in the world are you supposed to stop a bullet with a couple kicks and punches? Over 2,000 shootings in Chicago up to now, and this lady is claiming that it’s Donald Trumps fault! Take a look for your self!

The best part about this, is that this lady says the Chicago police collects data on who commits these crimes, and she knows they are “right wingers!” The violence that is happening in Chicago, has nothing to do with hate crimes. That is a fact, and her gym looks like a publicity stunt, because they can’t be serious.

According to Heat Street, the Haymaker Collective, which is said to be named after an 1880s anarchist riot, plans to open the gym to let their members train for any impending scuffles.

However, the outlet reported that the training regimen is anything but aggressive.

“A lot of people think that when you learn to fight, it’s all about being aggressive and learning how to go start street fights with people,” an Antifa member told Heat Street.

The group said the gym will be a place to fight the “heteronormative” and “masculine” culture of gyms in the United States.

The gym’s prospective members hope to fight the “alt-right” and “white nationalism” they see in what they called “Donald Trump’s Amerikkka (sic).” Here are the facts about race, and who voted for Trump, just as a reminder.

trump gym

The site also notes that the gym is “a space where people, regardless of ability, can learn the skills they need to stay safe in Trump’s America.”

Considering they didn’t hit anywhere near their goal of $50k, the gym members are currently working out on the lawn behind the Adler Planetarium on Chicago’s Museum Campus.

A video produced by Unicorn Riot — which bills itself as “Your Alternative Media” — features the project’s creators and members talking about their goals with the modest startup gym.

trump gym

The gym serves two purposes — to train Antifa members to fight “white supremacy” and to combat “hetero-normative, masculine gym culture,” creating a safe space for those who feel threatened by “Trump’s America” and traditional gyms at large.

“A lot of people think that when you learn how to fight it’s all about being aggressive and learning about how to go start fights with people. That’s not what we’re about at all,” one of the Haymaker members says about the “gym” and its goals.

Another adds, “We’re really investing into the capacities for our bodies to just be stronger, because at the end of the day stronger people are harder to kill.”

One of the members, off camera, notes that “all are welcome” in the organization — except for select groups.

“Except police people that are affiliated with, uh, strong right-wing groups,” the man says.


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