Generation Iron 2 Rich Piana, finally gets speaking role!

Generation Iron 2 Rich Piana

Generation Iron 2 Rich Piana, finally gets speaking role!

Generation Iron 2 Rich Piana, finally gets a speaking role and everyone is excited! Big Rich has finally made some progress in his synthol infested, winstrol licking, diana bol gargling life! He gets to live out his dream in Generation Iron 2, and take the steps Arnold did, and hopefully one day, become our President! We can beat terrorism with synthol!

Generation Iron 2 Rich Piana

Generation Iron 2 originated from the first film back in 1977 that starred Arnold Shwartzenegger called “Pumping Iron.” If you are reading this and you googled this, you already know about all these movies, so no need to talk about it. What we need to talk about, is how the HELL IN THE WORLD and WHY did Rich Piana make it to this movie? Generation Iron part 1 was good, and enjoyable. Now we are introducing synthol fake muscle morons in Generation Iron 2, and I do not know what the purpose of that is?

generation iron 2 rich piana

This is the same idiot that was slapping a mentally challenged kid in public. I guess the public wants to see what freaks like this are doing today, with all the steroids, and other cosmetic things to make them look like absolute morons. It looks like his story found a place in.

Generation Iron 2

I guess what people want to see is bigger muscles every year, even if they are fake! People don’t want to by tickets to see someone that looks like them, they want to see freaks. If you go to the Olympia, you don’t want to see a natural bodybuilder in half decent shape, you want to see a monster! So one of the popular monsters out there, is Rich Piana. He is someone that does everything and anything, to get in the spotlight. Even if it means shooting up oil in his muscles, because he can’t do shit naturally. The same goes for Generation Iron 2, there need to be bigger and better freaks!

The best part is, that he now managed to tattoo his damn head too!

Generation Iron 2 Rich Piana

Just have to say, you are a weird dude man. I guess that day when you lost your bodybuilding competition in front of you dad, really messed you up. And this whole time we thought that strippers had daddy issues.

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