Arnold Classic 2017 Winner – Cedric McMillan! Did he cheat?

Cedric McMillan

Arnold Classic 2017 Winner – Cedric McMillan! Did he cheat?

Arnold Classic 2017 winner Cedric McMillan is getting major props from Muscle Roast! Cedric McMillan was the 2009 NPC Champion! Cedric took 4th place at the Arnold Classic in 2015, and took 2nd at the Arnold Classic last year! We have to give this guy major props for several different reasons, before we get into what his secret was! Here are a few.

Cedric McMillan is 6’2 and 280 lbs!

The first reason we have to give Cedric McMillan props, is because he won the Arnold Classic 2017 last night! That alone was a crazy accomplishment for Cedric simply because he lost by a tiny fraction the previous year. It was a photo finish with him and Kai Greene.

Cedric McMillan

But what is more impressive, is that he won the Arnold at 280 lbs standing at 6 foot 2 inches. Now that is the most impressive part. That is HUGE to say the least. To be at that weight, and be ripped to shreds, is not something you will see every day! Cedric really brought his A game this year.

Cedric McMillan finally won, after years and years of training!

Here are just some of the shows that Cedric competed in. You have to say the guy is very active and beyond dedicated to the sport.

Cedric McMillan

But what was the real reason Cedric won? Well most could say that it’s because Kai Greene did not compete! Kai was a host and not a competitor, making it pretty easy for the #2 guy to creep in and take the title right?

Cedric McMillan

Cedric competed against Dallas McCarver who is a much younger, very good, but much younger competitor, and who also got roasted on Muscle Roast recently! But the real reason, Cedric McMillan won the Arnold this year, is because…

He followed Lee Priest’s advice!

He took the magic potion that Lee gave him, that Lee personally made himself just for Cedric and the Arnold Classic 2017.

Cedric McMillan
Secret potion for Cedric for the Arnold Classic 2017.

But what is in that bottle, what could Lee possible make to give Cedric McMillan the advantage to beat everyone who attended the Arnold Classic 2017 this year? What is the magic pill and the secret potion that gave this guy the title. Well there is only one answer, and that is to ask Lee. So here it is…

Cedric McMillan

See the whole story and what Lee gave Cedric below in Lee’s Youtube video!

Cedric McMillan
Cedric McMillan gets tips from Lee Priest for Arnold Classic 2017!

Cedric just had to follow the advice that Lee gave in the video above and it solved all of his problems, and made him victorious at the Arnold Classic 2017. Congrats Cedric!

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